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Tired of depending on commissioned work? We've got the perfect Christmas give-away for you: Win a free copy of "Passive income for creatives" by Matjoez!
Thomas Poecksteiner

Thomas Poecksteiner

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Would you like to learn how to generate money while you sleep? Then “Passive income for creatives” – an e-book by time lapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte – might be right up your street! Read this article about his system and win a free copy in our special Christmas giveaway.

This is the perfect literature for when you’re stuck. Whether you’re stuck at home – during a lockdown (when I devoured this e-book) – or whether you’re just stuck in life. It’s ideal for when you’re looking for a reliable way to make money by doing something you love and believe in. Furthermore, it teaches you how to secure additional income streams to support your enterprise financially. This e-book is not only a good investment for time lapse photographers, but also for virtually every creative out there who is trying to set up additional income streams besides commissioned work. It contains a lot of actionable tools, valuable information and exclusive insights into Matthew’s income reports. How can you get it?

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About Matthew

Matthew Vandeputte

If you are into time lapse photography, you might have already stumbled across fellow time lapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte, a.k.a. Matjoez. He is Belgian/Australian, but he’s currently based in London. And his is the perfect story to start off our article for this week. How does one manage to live and travel abroad without losing their job?

How to build a passive income system

As any professional who likes their job knows, changing your place of residence is not an easy task, especially in the film industry, where folks often rely heavily on a (more or less) local network. Moving to a different country often means starting completely from scratch.

However, Matthew found a way to be independent in terms of location without having to conquer existential fears when moving abroad. Over the past few years, he has built up a passive income system which “generates money while he sleeps,” as he puts it. In early 2020, he sat down and poured all his knowledge into an e-book.

Don’t trade time for money

The essential thought behind his passive income system is as follows: We only have a limited amount of time. If we trade time for money (as most creatives do), there’s only a limited amount of money you can earn. So, the key conclusion is to stop trading time for money.

I know, that’s easier said than done. And we won’t lie to you – building up such a system is not a simple task, and it takes a lot of effort and time. But Matt gives you all the tools you need and teaches you about the following:

  • Building a system with multiple income streams
  • Stopping trading your time for money
  • Coming up with digital products to sell
  • Setting up your own online store
  • Building a website that works for you
  • Finding affiliate and referral programs
  • Taking care of your email database
  • Growing your social media channels
  • Tackling content licensing
  • Setting up membership websites
  • Insights into how much money he has earned
  • And SO MUCH MORE (seriously)
Special bonus: Insight into Matthews statistics

As a special bonus, he also gives you insight into his own system and income reports, so you can get a clear picture of how much each channel earns. Matthew has done a lot of valuable research over the years about what works best. If you don’t want to go through the trouble trying everything out yourself, we highly recommend reading this e-book.

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