The best time lapse YouTube channels to follow in 2021

Don't miss out on the latest time lapse tutorials or vlogs! Check out this list of the best time lapse YouTube channels to follow in 2021!
Thomas Poecksteiner

Thomas Poecksteiner

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Have you ever thought of starting a time lapse YouTube channel? Well, I think it is safe to say that many of us within the time lapse community have had the same idea. It’s definitely easier said than done, but there are a few time lapse photographers out there who have managed to start a time lapse YouTube channel and, more importantly, maintain it on a regular basis.

In this article, we want to share a list of the best time lapse YouTube channels to follow in 2021 so you don’t miss out on any great time lapse content. And while you’re at it, please consider subscribing to our Time Lapse Newsletter.

Matthew Vandeputte

First on our list of “The best time lapse YouTube channels to follow in 2021” is Matthew Vandeputte. (You might remember him from our newsletter giveaway last December.) On his time lapse YouTube channel you get access to a lot of time lapse tutorials. Also, he recently started live streaming on YouTube. These streams are a lot of fun and well received within the time lapse community. So, check out Matthew’s channel to never miss any new tutorials or live streams, like this one:

Michael Shainblum

Michael is a world-class photographer who probably does more still photography than time lapse photography. However, we wanted to include his channel on this list because, as a time lapse photographer, you can learn tons of valuable lessons from this top-notch photographer. If you are looking for educational videos about finding the right light, composition or focal lengths, he is the right guy for you. And every now and then he uploads some time lapse tutorials as well, like this one for example:

Emeric’s Timelapse

Emeric, who is originally from France, moved to Los Angeles with the idea in mind to make the American dream come true. He soon settled on achieving that with time lapse photography. But not only did he create wonderful time lapse videos, he was one of the first within the time lapse community to start teaching about time lapse photography. His YouTube channel gets updated with tutorials on time lapse photography on a fairly regular basis. Furthermore, he recently started a new series called “Full Timelapse Workflow” in which he is going to take you through full postproduction workflows from start to finish. Check out the first episode below:

Mattia Bicchi

Mattia Bicchi is an Italian time lapse and hyperlapse photographer currently based in Spain. His YouTube channel not only features his time lapse videos, but also lots of tutorials and vlogs. Take, for example, this tutorial on different ways to stabilise a hyperlapse video:

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