Outstanding time lapse videos in May 2021

We have hand-picked the best time lapse videos for you. Be inspired by this list of outstanding time lapse videos in May 2021! Enjoy!
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Welcome to our list of outstanding time lapse videos in May 2021. Every month, we honour outstanding projects and show these masterpieces to as many time lapse enthusiasts as possible. We pick videos for their unique shots, outstanding quality or innovative editing. We’re aware that this selection is highly subjective, so if you come across a video that should be on next month’s list, please send us a link to videos@timelapsemagazine.com and tell us what makes your choice stand out.

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Starry night at the Ariane 6 launch base

There are a lot of time lapse videos of starry nights and the Milky Way. However, it adds that little something extra when the video is shot at a spaceport. This time lapse was filmed under the stars at the Ariane 6 launch base at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. And it lets you feel the infinity of space even if you’re still sitting in your comfy chair at home. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself:

The European Space Agency created this awesome video. Great views of the stars combined with a unique location – a perfect match!

World War II time lapse of Berlin

We have already featured this awesome time lapse project by Paul Wehden, also known as @timelapseworlds. Nevertheless, it definitely deserves to be included on our list of outstanding time lapse videos in May 2021. Paul has just released a great time lapse video which blends Berlin at the end of World War II with the city today. If you want to read our interview with its creator, you can do so here.

This cool idea required some very detailed work, which Paul managed to pull off perfectly!


Martin Heck, also known as Timestorm Films, has just posted the third part of his time lapse series “Island in the Sky”. If you’ve already watched the first two parts, you’ll have pretty high expectations for the third. Well, we can promise you that this latest instalment is the best of the lot. Have a look:

The quality of the shots is insane. But it also seems like Martin is always in the right place at the right time. How does he do that?!

London Storm

4K timelapse film

If you have been following Time Lapse Magazine for a while now, you’ll have seen some pretty cool storm time lapses by now. However, you may have noticed that almost all of them were shot in the USA. But behold! London-based time lapse photographer Matjoez managed to capture some awesome storm time lapses this side of the pond.


These are great shots of some very cool cloud formations over London. And this is probably the first “storm-chasing time lapse” shot from a single balcony in the middle of a European city!


“Asylum” by Drew Geraci is only partly a new time lapse project. It was originally released in 2012 and can be watched here. However, Drew has just remastered the whole project, which is why we think it deserves a spot on this list. Here’s some behind-the-scenes information you can find in the very detailed video description:

This project is a combination of traditional HDR, tone-mapping, and standard time-lapse techniques. With the use of motion control devices, we were able to capture the grit and the grime of this wondrous place, like it had never been captured before. Every single frame in this production is a still photograph, no video was shot. It took nearly 35,000 individual frames over 7 months to complete this project.

Even though this project was shot almost nine years ago, it surpasses today’s standards for what makes a good time lapse project. We love the remastered version!

Seasons of Denmark


Having already been featured twice on our monthly list of outstanding time lapse videos, the name Casper Rolsted is already known to our regular readers. He has just released the third episode of his “Seasons of Denmark” project, in which he creates a time lapse video of each season. The third episode covers winter.

We love the smooth transitions which blend different seasons together in the same location. Well done!

The Veluwe

A Timelapse Film

Last on our list of outstanding time lapse videos in May 2021 is “The Veluwe”. This beautiful piece was shot by time lapse photographer Rick Kloekke. Rick wrote a behind-the-scenes article for Time Lapse Magazine earlier this month, in which he talks about the challenges he had to overcome to shoot his beautiful time lapse film “The Veluwe”. You can read the article here.

The quality of these shots is just magnificent, resulting in a final film that is easily worthy of its place on our list of outstanding time lapse videos in May 2021.

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