Outstanding time lapse videos in March 2021

We have hand picked the best time lapse videos for you. Be inspired by this list of outstanding time lapse videos in March 2021! Enjoy!
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Welcome to our list of outstanding time lapse videos in March 2021. Every month, we honour outstanding projects and show these masterpieces to as many time lapse enthusiasts as possible. We pick videos for their unique shots, outstanding quality or innovative editing. We’re aware that this selection is highly subjective, so if you come across a video that should be on next month’s list, please send us a link to videos@timelapsemagazine.com and tell us what makes your choice stand out.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Timelapse

Let’s start our list of outstanding time lapse videos in March 2021 off with a highly unusual time lapse project: Cyberpunk 2077 Timelapse by “Crowned“, whose real name is unfortunately unknown to us. Crowned specialises in virtual automotive cinematography. And this is why he created a really incredible time lapse video within the digital world of the video game “Cyberpunk 2077”.

We were blown away not only by the realistic images and beautiful frames. Above all, it was the incredible editing style and the idea behind this project which make this a truly outstanding time lapse video.

Iceland Volcano

1 week super smooth Time Lapse

Another very cool project of this month comes from “Warren Photographic“. This channel released a video of the eruption of Geldingadalir, an active volcano in Iceland. They used images of the livestream provided by RUV, Iceland’s national public-service broadcaster (https://www.ruv.is/). They created a smooth-looking time lapse video by blending the frames over each other in post production.

These recordings of the flowing lava are truly unique and look very cool during nighttime. Furthermore, we love the idea of creating a complete time lapse video comprising just publicly accessible images!

Transient 3

As you can probably tell from the number three in the title, this is not a stand-alone time lapse video. Transient is a time lapse series by time lapse photographer Dustin Farrell. In March 2021, he released the third episode of his series. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, a lot of his commissioned work fell through. However, Dustin made the best of it and used his time chasing thunderstorms. In 64 days on the road, he collected 12 terabytes of footage, visited 12 states and travelled 38,000 miles. But it was all worth it. See for yourself:

I can’t imagine what it is like to stand right in the middle of these thunderstorms. Therefore, I’m very glad that there are people like Dustin, so I don’t have to. Thanks to him, I can sit at home safe and sound and enjoy these incredible time lapses. Vimeo Staff Pick well deserved!

Montreal Drone Time Lapse

You might know this one already, since we posted this video on our Instagram channel a few days ago. However, we wanted to include this piece in our list of outstanding time lapse videos in March 2021 as well to inspire as many people as possible. This amazing drone lapse was shot and edited by Loïc Ro Mer, who is not only an excellent drone operator, but also a time lapse photographer and motion designer.

We were blown away by the smoothness of this awesome drone hyperlapse. The exceptional transitions and perfect sound design are the icing on the cake! Well done!

Fractal Nature

Part II

To conclude our list of outstanding time lapse videos in March 2021, we chose the time lapse / stop-motion video “Fractal Nature – Part II” by Antonio Campollo. In his series, Antonio captures nature time lapses and patterns that the laws of nature repeat at different scales.

We love the idea of not only showing just time lapses, but also mixing it up with different stop-motion shots showing the different phenomena found in nature. What a cool idea that is!

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