Outstanding time lapse videos in April 2021

We have hand-picked the best time lapse videos for you. Be inspired by this list of outstanding time lapse videos in April 2021! Enjoy!
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Welcome to our list of outstanding time lapse videos in April 2021. Every month, we honour outstanding projects and show these masterpieces to as many time lapse enthusiasts as possible. We pick videos for their unique shots, outstanding quality or innovative editing. We’re aware that this selection is highly subjective, so if you come across a video that should be on next month’s list, please send us a link to videos@timelapsemagazine.com and tell us what makes your choice stand out.

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Shadows in the sky

Who is Mike? Just your typical storm-chasing wedding photographer. We copied that line off Mike Olbinski’s website because it was just that damn funny and charming. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Mike either. But as soon as I saw his latest work, I knew this would be a name to remember if you are into time lapse photography. His latest video, “Shadows in the sky”, is one of the best time lapse videos I have ever seen. It is nearly five minutes long, but we definitely urge you to watch it till the end.

Perfect choice of music, incredible black-and-white shots, unbelievable edit and insane colours at the end. This video has everything. We are speechless.

Moldova in 4k | Europe’s least visited country

Time lapse & Tilt shift & Aerial Travel Video

As you might know, this monthly list of outstanding time lapse videos is our recurring curated selection of videos which features the best time lapse videos we have found. If you are a regular reader, you will have read about the time lapse photographer of this video twice before: Spoonfilm. Behind this name is Joerg Daiber, who created the time lapse series “Little Big World”. He has just released the latest episode of this series featuring Europe’s least visited country: Moldova.

We just love this time lapse video series. Every time we see that a new episode has been released, we watch it right away. And we are never disappointed!

Pure Magic

New Zealand Timelapse

Next on our list of outstanding time lapse videos in April 2021 is the latest work of photographer Michael Shainblum, whose YouTube channel featured in our list of The best time lapse YouTube channels to follow in 2021. He has just posted a beautiful time lapse video of his pre-pandemic trip to the magical South Island of New Zealand:

The quality of the shots featured in this video are nothing less than what we have come to expect from a world-class photographer like Michael Shainblum – they are simply stunning.

Egg Time-Lapse

Another Perspective” is the YouTube channel of German photographer Jens, who does a lot of macro photography. In April, he started a very interesting project and made a time lapse video of a broken egg drying up. The results are surprisingly intriguing! Who knew that an egg drying up would reveal glass-like structures?

We love this simple idea, which everybody can try at home. The shots are fascinating and the sound design is spot on!

Lyon Lumens

Next on our list of outstanding time lapse videos in April 2021 is this interesting piece called “Lyon Lumens” by Eric Tarrit. Eric is a French time lapse photographer and storm chaser. This video of the French city Lyon features some very sophisticated transitions and awesome post-production work.

We love the creative transitions and very cool post-production effects in this video.

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