Drew Geraci on how to sell stock footage

"How do I create content to sell?" and "What content sells the most?" Time lapse professional Drew Geraci gives you all the answers!
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Drew Geraci is the creator of the iconic time lapse opening sequence of Netflix’s first hit show House of Cards. Not only does he create awesome time lapse videos (as you can see in our article Outstanding time lapse videos in October 2020), but he also has his own film production company called District 7 Media. Drew recently gave an insight into how to sell stock footage in this video for Sony Alpha Universe.

What is stock footage?

Just in case you don’t know, stock footage can be pictures, videos, audio files and so on. It is footage that you created and are selling for others to use in their projects. For example, you create a time lapse video and upload to an online library, where people, TV stations or film production companies are able to buy it.

There are several reasons why people buy video clips from these stock libraries. For example, it might be cheaper than shooting it themselves, or it might be something they are not able to shoot. As a result, there’s significant demand for such libraries. And with video content becoming increasingly important, these libraries will also become more and more important in the future.

Everything you need to know about stock footage

In this video, Drew gives us an insight into everything you need to know to dive into the stock footage game. He covers questions including “How do I create content to sell?”, “What content sells the most?” and “Which sites work best for data management?”

Although there are already plenty of videos out there on selling stock footage, this is the first really good one that specifically covers selling time lapse video footage.

We highly recommend you watch this video, as Drew is a pro and knows what he’s talking about. Also make sure to follow his work on Facebook and YouTube.

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