How To Shoot Construction Timelapse With A Smartphone

TimelapseRobot is a user-friendly Android app for creating affordable construction timelapse with a smartphone with ease.
Thomas Poecksteiner

Thomas Poecksteiner

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Doing a lot of construction timelapse videos here at FilmSpektakel we always wondered if it was possible to shoot construction timelapse with a smartphone. So we got into the matter and created a prototype with which we successfully shot several construction sites.

After three years of hard work, we are proud to announce the release of TimelapseRobot, our new Android app that allows users to easily and affordably capture longterm timelapse videos with their smartphones. TimelapseRobot is perfect for professionals and novices alike to capture stunning footage of landscapes, cityscapes, and more.

Construction Timelapse With A Smartphone

Construction Timelapse With A Smartphone: How it works

TimelapseRobot is an Android app that allows you to capture long-term timelapse videos, such as construction timelapse videos, using a spare smartphone. Firstly simply install our TimelapseRobot app on a spare Android smartphone, connect it to your TimelapseRobot account, and mount it anywhere. The app will automatically capture images at set intervals and compile them into a timelapse video. You can remotely control your camera using the TimelapseRobot web app.


Here are some of the key features of TimelapseRobot that make it easy to shoot construction Timelapse with a smartphone:

  • Easy to use: TimelapseRobot is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, so even beginners can use it without difficulty.
  • Affordable: Instead of purchasing expensive equipment, you can use a spare Android smartphone to capture stunning timelapse footage.
  • Peace of mind: TimelapseRobot continuously monitors your camera and will notify you if anything goes wrong, so you can be sure that your timelapse video is running smoothly.
  • Advanced settings: TimelapseRobot allows you to customize the interval between shots, the duration of the timelapse, and other settings to get the perfect shot.
  • Remote camera control: You can control your camera remotely using our TimelapseRobot web-app.
  • Weatherproof smartphone housing: TimelapseRobot offers an optional weatherproof smartphone housing so you can safely use your smartphone in any weather condition.
  • Cloud storage: Your timelapse videos are automatically uploaded to the cloud, so you can easily access them from anywhere.


As a member of the TimelapseRobot community, you will receive updates on new features and developments. And you can help us decide what features to develop next. You can also chat with other community members about timelapse photography and share your own timelapse videos. We wanna make TimelapseRobot a community project. By working together, we can create something truly special with TimelapseRobot.

Join our TimelapseRobot journey today!

TimelapseRobot is the perfect tool for capturing the world around you in a whole new way. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a novice starting out, our Android app enables you to capture stunning footage of landscapes, cityscapes, and more using a spare smartphone that is affordable and easy to use. We would be thrilled if you joined us on our TimelapseRobot journey today!

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