Outstanding time lapse videos in May 2020

We hand picked the best time lapse videos for you so you don't miss any. Get inspired by this list of Outstanding Time Lapse Videos of May 2020! Enjoy!
Thomas Poecksteiner

Thomas Poecksteiner

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Welcome to our list of outstanding time lapse videos for May 2020. Creative people around the world upload countless great videos to the internet every single day. In fact, the sheer quantity is often overwhelming. For this reason, we have curated a list to honour the outstanding projects of the last month and share these masterpieces with as many time lapse enthusiasts as possible. So, if you come across a video which you think should be on next month’s list, please send a link to videos@timelapsemagazine.com

While we select videos based on personal preference, rest assured that these videos are the best of the best. We picked them because of their unique shots, outstanding quality or innovative editing.

Night Light

This is one of the most interesting time lapse projects we have seen in years. It was shot by Arthur Cauty, who is not only a time lapse photographer, but also a filmmaker in the UK.

“This film comprises exclusively still images. All of the motion was achieved in post-production. The only time lapse shots are the star trails. All other shots typically comprise between three and five exposures of the same subject, but with different lighting in each. They are then blended together or transitioned between to give the effect of seamless motion.”

We at Time Lapse Magazine applaud this unique idea, great quality of work and stunning images!

San Dieglow

We love the pun and we love the video. Trevor Adler, a.k.a. AdlerStudios, is a photographer and filmmaker in Southern California. For his video “San Dieglow”, he captured stunning footage of bioluminescent plankton on the coastline of San Diego. Look at these breathtaking shots of one of the coolest natural phenomena there is:

What we loved about this video besides the stunning footage was the explanation of the phenomenon at the beginning. The result is simply exceptional!

An Ode to Arezzo in Flow Motion

A new masterpiece by mastermind Rob Whitworth. “An Ode to Arezzo in Flow Motion” is a stunning video that will leave you with only one question: “How the hell does he do that?”

As always, the image quality and editing skills of Rob Whitworth are unrivalled.

Life in Supercells

Life in Supercells by Kirill Neiezhmakov is a highly artistic film that addresses the COVID-19 pandemic. Created using shots he took in the past when travelling around the globe, he creatively compares our world to a beehive and how it changed during the lockdown.

We admire the creative concept used for telling this story.

Few Moments 4

This is a time lapse series we didn’t know about until we stumbled across its fourth episode released in May 2020: Few Moments. It is a series about Slovakian landscapes that features high-quality shots. The creator is Majo Chudy, who is a time lapse photographer in Slovakia.

What caught our eye besides the high-quality footage was the insane close-up shot of the moon turning into a blood moon right at the beginning of the video. We love it.

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