Outstanding time lapse videos in October 2020

We have hand picked the best time-lapse videos for you. Be inspired by this list of outstanding time-lapse videos in October 2020! Enjoy!
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Welcome to our list of outstanding time lapse videos in October 2020. Every month, we honour outstanding projects and show these masterpieces to as many time lapse enthusiasts as possible. We pick videos for their unique shots, outstanding quality or innovative editing. We’re aware that this selection is highly subjective, so if you come across a video that should be on next month’s list, please send us a link to videos@timelapsemagazine.com and tell us what makes your choice stand out.

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Light of the District

To open the list of outstanding time lapse videos in October 2020, we chose Drew Geraci‘s “Light of the District”. This video is one of the first time lapse videos shot with the brand new Sony a7s III. However, that’s not the reason why this video is included in this month’s list. Drew, the mastermind behind the iconic “House of Cards” opening sequence, has created a wonderful video which explores the beauty of the National Mall in Washington, DC. See for yourself:

Beautiful shots, cinematic colours and a very lively sound design make this video so good that we had to watch it several times. Just stunning!

A Taste of Los Angeles

We (FilmSpektakel) have just released our latest video: “A Taste of Los Angeles”. This is the fourth episode in our independent “A Taste of…” time lapse series. In February 2019, we shot 155,568 photos in the city of angels, filling 5.3 terabytes of space on our HDDs. Consequently, post-production was anything but a piece of cake. The edit took 64 days and was completed just a few days ago.

The reason why we included this video in this month’s list is the insane amount of post-production we poured into this latest part of our series. If you are interested in what went into making this video, you can read about it in this article.


Portals on Mauna Loa

Next on our list of outstanding time lapse videos in October 2020 is “ReflectionVOID1.5” by Lance Page, a.k.a. Pagefilms. Lance is a filmmaker and time lapse photographer based in Hawaii. Therefore, it is not surprising that this is also the location of his latest video. Lance positioned various mirrors on Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano to capture the reflection of the stars. He also mounted mirrors onto motion control equipment to capture even more stunning results.

ReflectionVOID1.5 – Portals on Mauna Loa from Page Films on Vimeo.

Lance is a creator who thinks outside the box. We love the idea for this piece and are hypnotised by these stunning results.


The Faroe Islands are not so well known. Therefore, we were thrilled to see a time lapse video which covers these beautiful islands in Europe. Italian time lapse photographer Marco Equitani managed to travel to the Faroe Islands despite the ongoing pandemic. In fact, COVID-19 wasn’t even his biggest problem while shooting! Firstly, rapid weather changes made this project very challenging to accomplish, as he explains in the video. Secondly, these islands are known for having a cloudy sky for 300 days a year. Nevertheless, Marco managed to get some great shots out of his trip:

Despite the difficulties of the unpredictable weather, Marco managed to capture landscapes that are simply out of this world. In addition, he got some great shots of Aurora Borealis.

Hang out in Lima

Peru Hyperlapse

Next on our list of outstanding time lapse videos in October 2020 is Kirill Neiezhmakov, a master of the hyperlapse technique. He definitely proves his skills in his latest video “Hang out in Lima | Peru Hyperlapse”. In perfect sync to the soundtrack, complemented with cool sound design, this video is a fast-paced journey through Lima.

Kirill’s hyperlapses are unique. In short, this video features superb hyperlapse movements that leave you speechless and make you wonder how he does it.

Fantastic Sky Switzerland 8K

A Timelapse Adventure

To conclude our list of outstanding time lapse videos in October 2020, let’s watch “Fantastic Sky Switzerland”. Swiss time lapse photographer Andreas Köng spent countless hours in the alps of Switzerland capturing stunning time lapses not only of the Milky Way, but also stunningly beautiful landscapes.

Andreas created a beautiful video which makes us want to jet off to Switzerland tomorrow. In short, those countless hours spent on the mountains totally paid off in our opinion. Great work!

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