Outstanding time lapse videos in June 2021

We have hand-picked the best time lapse videos for you. Be inspired by this list of outstanding time lapse videos in June 2021! Enjoy!
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Welcome to our list of outstanding time lapse videos in June 2021. Every month, we honour outstanding projects and show these masterpieces to as many time lapse enthusiasts as possible. We pick videos for their unique shots, outstanding quality or innovative editing. We’re aware that this selection is highly subjective, so if you come across a video that should be on next month’s list, please send us a link to videos@timelapsemagazine.com and tell us what makes your choice stand out.

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Aerial Sheep Herding in Yokneam

Let’s start off our list of outstanding time lapse videos in June 2021 with an amazing piece of work. It has gone viral over the past few days and has even been covered by a lot of mainstream media. So, there’s a good chance you might have come across it already. However, just to make sure you don’t miss it, we have included it on our list.

This video was shot by Israeli aerial photographer Lior Patel. Over the course of seven months, he followed a herd of sheep and covered their movements in time lapse using a DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. Take a look at these hypnotizing recordings of a herd of 1,000-1,700 individual animals:

What a great idea, which totally pays off because of these stunning images!

Partial Solar Eclipse – time lapse

“Partial Solar Eclipse – time lapse” is next on our list of outstanding time lapse videos in June 2021. It was shot by astrophotographer Göran Strand in his backyard in Östersund, Sweden. Not only did he manage to capture such a rare event perfectly, he also used a very special technique called “lucky imaging“. In 2.5 hours, he took a series of 200 frames every 30 seconds, which resulted in the crazy number of 50,000 still images. That’s over 250 gigabytes of data! From each 200-frame clip, he stacked and aligned the best 50 frames, working his way from 50,000 images in total down to only 250 calibrated still images that he then did further processing with.

We are amazed by the effort that went into this crazy close-up shot of the eclipse. The cherry on top of this video is definitely the end, where we get an idea of how little Earth is compared to the sun!

Hold on, there’s more!

Normally we would conclude our list of outstanding time lapse videos in June 2021 at this point. However, there are two more videos we would love to share with you. These videos were actually released in May (on 30th to be precise). Unfortunately, we saw them a little bit too late to include them on our list of Outstanding time lapse videos in May 2021. Therefore, we have added them to this month’s list, so that you can enjoy them too.

Out of this World Volcano in Iceland

Over the past few months there have been a lot of videos of the active Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland. However, there are a few that really stand out. One of these is by time lapse photographer Hafsteinn Robertsson. He managed to capture some stunning time lapse shots of the eruptions of the volcano:

These are very high-quality close-up and wide shots of the volcano that we haven’t seen in any other video so far. Very cool!


“Cairo” by time lapse photographer Enrique Pacheco is next on our list. He is based in Iceland, but he loves to travel for his projects. He chose Cairo, Egypt, to become the subject of his latest time lapse video. Take look:

The way Enrique chooses the perfect interval for his shots tells you that he is a time lapse pro for sure. The traffic shots are so smooth, and the colours are very well chosen.

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