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What is Time Lapse Magazine?“]
What many of us have in common is a general love for time-lapse photography. We are all dedicated to a small niche, and we tend to think that everybody knows everyone else. But as we discovered, this was not entirely true! Every week we stumbled across unknown time-lapse photographers and filmmakers, newcomers as well as professionals, we didn’t know about before.
So, we felt something was missing in our little community of time-lapse photographers. We felt like creating a platform for time-lapse enthusiasts who were interested in reading about time-lapse photography in general and not only about one single artist, company, or project. Therefore, we chose Time Lapse Magazine to be the platform we wanted to see on the internet to celebrate photography as the art form we all share our love for.

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Why is this called a magazine and not a blog?“]
Time Lapse Magazine consists of two parts: The blog is free for anybody to read, and you can buy the magazine in our shop. The blog focuses on tutorials, videos, and artists, whereas the magazine covers premium content about one specific topic in its full depth.

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As stated above, the blog is free and accessible to anybody interested in time-lapse photography.
However, there are topics we are going to explore more deeply with additional information of value to our readers. We are going to publish them as downloadable magazines in our shop. We put a lot of time, research, experience, and valuable information in these magazines, so please support this project by buying and downloading these via our shop.
If you are not interested in purchasing our magazine, please support us by sharing this project on your social media, email, or tell your neighbors.

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Yes, not only can you support us by purchasing our magazine, you can give us feedback on what you like, what you didn’t like, what you’d love to read about, or maybe discuss the option to write articles yourself. Feel free to message us via our contact form.
Oh! And we’d love to welcome you in our newsletter!

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You can support us by purchasing our magazine via our shop. You don’t want to spend money? We get it, life is expensive as it is – but you can spread the word. Share our articles on social media, tell your friends about us, and maybe you want your girlfriend/boyfriend to learn a thing or two about the wonderful art of time-lapse photography – tell her/him as well!

[epcl_toggle title=”Who is behind the Time Lapse Magazine?“]
Behind all of this is our company called FilmSpektakel, a film production company specializing in time-lapse photography. We joined the time-lapse game in 2012, and travel the world for clients like Netflix, Amazon, National Geographic, and many more. The reason we didn’t create a company blog for all the things we’d like to write about is that we thought there should be a place on the internet dedicated to the art of time-lapse photography not limited to one company. We also want to write about other artists, companies and even let others publish their articles and thoughts on this platform.

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The magazine is digitally published only. You can purchase and download it via our online shop.

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